Houdini, Softimage and Maya tools.
Ideas, Prototypes and Production tools for advanced destruction pipeline.

Adaptive destruction.

Adaptive Procedural Destruction.
Advanced network for architect realtime destruction.
Very predictible and procedurally destroy any different types of environment objects.

Curve splitter.

Maya curve based destruction tool.
Shatter the source object by edge seletion or by drawn curve with many options
Object can be shattere or splited with optional interior creation.

Texture based shatter.

Texture based maya shatter.
Brief video of the texture based destruction.
You watching the architect detection step.

Paint based destruction.

Edge selection/Paint based destruction tool.
Shatter the source object by edges selected or by color paint.
Sure, the diffuse color of the texture can be used too!

Metal structure collapse.

Metal structure collapse tool.
Destroy the metal structures using the cloth simulation.

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